A Healthy Mindset

From water to dressings to condiments down to the bottles we use, our primary focus is to keep everything clean. That means natural sourced water, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher ingredients. Cool Chef Foods is bringing real taste and quality back with products that stay far away from unnecessary additives keeping everything pure and simple.

Locally Sourced Water

  • • Bottled in California

  • • Sourced from California Springs vs just filtered tap water

  • • Bottle free of BPA

  • • Bottle is manufactured in the USA

  • • Reusable and recyclable bottle

  • • Alkalinity is naturally produced in nature and not in a facility


Cool Chef Foods brings real and natural health-inspired bottled water and delicious organic, and non-GMO dressings and condiments back!

California Natural Springs water is bottled using a bottle free of BPA, sourced from beautiful southern California’s very own Mt. Palomar. It is a source of quality, crisp, clean water that is naturally alkaline.

Cool Chef Foods Organic Ranch dressing is a blend of herbs and spices mixed with natural organic goodness. You can toss your favorite salad, dip veggies or fried foods and pizza to transform your meal.

Cool Chef Foods Organic Mayonnaise is made with simple, high-quality ingredients. The ideal condiment for sandwiches, salads, wraps and burgers. You can also use our organic mayonnaise to enhance your barbecues, veggies and poultry into juicier, more delicious meals. Use it as a base to create sauces and dips or to add a creamy texture.

Natural Spring Water

Organic Dressings

Organic Condiments

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